Getting you Back on the Job

The list of repairs available at Kirk Mobile is extensive.  It is easier to say that we don’t do tires or glass.  Internal transmission work as well as engine work will be delegated to a different shop as we typically remove and replace engines and transmissions. 

Our recommended service intervals are intended to extend the life of the equipment.  Kirk Mobile uses premium oil products in order to do this.  A thorough DOT inspection is performed with each PM service.  Kirk Mobile will send you a recommended work form indicating what has been found as far as DOT fail items, critical fail items and all other recommendations.  
We also offer fleet and equipment evaluations to determine if there is value in repairing or if it should be replaced.



Robert Warner

“I have been using Kirk mobile for almost 20 years now. They have always diagnosed and fixed the problem the first time. You can go elsewhere and have them try to fix it multiple times or just go to kirks mobile and get it done right the first time. Will continue to use them in the future. Can’t recommend them enough!!!”

Jason Buck

“Amazing crew! Best in the business. Always on it. They have never misdiagnosed for me, or said we can’t, or said we don’t know! Won’t use anybody else.”

Matthew Shifflett

“Always on time and gets the job done. Appreciate the good work.”

Carson Tolman

“Got us taken care of quickly and efficiently. Happy with them so far.”

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